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Overview of the Arctic route

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Day 39 - The journey is over!

  We are safely in our home cove on Islesboro. It was a great trip!

Day 31 - 35 - Cruising to Cape Breton

  We had a lovely but at times rough cruise from where we made landfall in Battle Harbor, Labrador along the coast of Newfoundland and crossing the Cabot Strait to Cape Breton. In Cape Breton we entered the Bras D’or Lake where we said goodbye to Bill and spent a solid day deep cleaning the boat after nearly 4,000 miles crossing the Atlantic and relaxed swimming in the warm slightly salty waters. 

Day 29 & 30 - Atlantic crossed!

  We made it! The first Elling E6 crossing the Atlantic! Safely moored in Newfoundland/Labrador. 

Day 28 - On our way to Canada!

  We loaded the tender back aboard Archimedes, fueled up, got our passports stamped and said goodbye to Greenland. Our days in Qaqortoq were lovely and restful.  The grocery stores were well stocked - mostly with items from Denmark.  Fresh produce was available and we had no troubles provisioning for the next leg of the journey. The weather window we had been waiting for arrived Sunday morning and with it we departed our berth and feeling happy to have met so many wonderful people in such a remote corner of the world.  Greenland is definitely a place in a state of flux - between the changing climate and the increase in tourism and a palpable sense of being on the cusp of major mining pressure its hard to imagine how the old ways of life will endure.  It is certainly a place we all look forward to visiting again in the future and Archimedes was such a wonderful way to see what we did of Greenland.  Being there on a boat was an easy way to experience the true magic of Greenland without

Day 23- 27 - Nanortalik to Unartoq and exploring the hot springs

  Unartoq is a gorgeous uninhabited island with Greenland’s only hot springs.  Three pools exist and their use dates back to the first Viking settlements about 1,000 years ago.  Today they are enjoyed by locals and anyone that wishes to visit with a boat that can get there… being at the edge of civilization, with a view out over iceberg strewn waters, they are a rather unique experience.

Day 22 - Prince Christiansund to Nanortalik

  Today a very small but spectacular trip from the abandoned weather station towards Nanortalik!  

Day 21 - Greenland, a very magical place

We had a spectacular arrival to Greenland. Surrounded by many icebergs and with stunning view of the huge mountains and glaciers. It is a very magical place. We have spent tonight tied up to a weather station that was abandoned in 2016 at the entrance to Prins Christian Sund.